Wild Sourced Honey




Honey bees don’t only live under the thumb of Beekeepers.
There is a huge unknown population of Honey Bees that live and thrive on their
own. When a colony of bees takes up residence in a nuisance location to
humans or domesticated animals; this colony needs to be rescued.
This wild honey comes from the wild hives that I am called into save.
Wild Bees make the very best honey.
Their honey is loaded with pollen and other products of the hive that give
it an amazing flavor and texture.
This is the honey that people seek out when they want high pollen content coming
into allergy season.
Buying this honey isn’t only the right choice for nutritional needs but with
each purchase you help support saving our bees.
This honey is selected from the very best in each wild hive, only about 20% of
the honey can be saved for human consumption as the rest must be returned to the
rescued bees for survival.

All Natural Honey Crystallizes

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