How bees are removed

A honey bee nest can be very large and extend far into the structure. With an entrance no larger than a golf ball honey bees can fill a space as large and high capacity washing machine in a matter of a several weeks.
The nest is located with a thermal imaging camera and a plan is made to create an opening to access the full hive.
Once an an opening is made the bees are removed using special tools to transfer them safely. The honey comb is cut and installed into a man made hive.
After the hive is removed from the structure essencial oils are used to discourage re-infestation and all openings that the bee used are filled so they can not regain access.
At the end of the job the bees are reunited with their nest now located in an apiary in a man made hive where they can go about their lives is a safe place and provide valuable services for people.

This image shows a point near the end of the gutter where the bees are entering the side of the house. the large bright area about 3 feet below that point is the location of the brood nest.

This image shows a horizontal slot of red at the bottom of the siding line on the left side. this is used as the entrance. The large bright area all the way to the right under the window is where the brood nest is. ( this hive was about the equivalent of 5 deep boxes!)