Brown beekeeper jacket




High quality triple layer vented beekeeper Jacket for comfort and funtionality.
I struggled for years trying to find the right protective wear that would feel good working the bees.
This is the answer, I have these custom made to my specifications.
Three layer mesh, solid lined pockets, hive tool pocket on each arm for convenience.
Elastic around waist and wrists with strap to go around thumb to prevent movement.
Free standing European veil that does not need a cap to keep in place.
High quality metal YKK zipper.
The importance of comfort in a bee yard can not be understated.
The attitude of the bees is directly related to the calmness of the beekeeper.
This is the jacket that brings comfort, calmness, and confidence to bee free from stings.
Your bees will know and thank you for it.

Check with me for available sizes. most in stock and will ship same day from New York state.
FREE shipping.