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My name is Bill Kaufman and this is my family

It is growing
Stanley, Charley, Nataley, Bradley, Maryam, and me

I grew up with a dad that was a craftsman.  He built a house around us growing up.  I was always with him and he taught me the trade from when I first walked. Together we built a cabin in the woods and remodeled rental property. When I was able to purchase my own home I gutted most of it, practicing my trade. I bought a second home and completely gutted it to the shell and tore off the roof adding a second floor. In this home I continued practicing and fine tuning my skill as a fine wood worker building everything from scratch.

Over the course of the last 15 years I have made my living and supported my family as the owner and usually the only employee of Its All Better.    I have worked on all parts of homes: electrical, plumbing, HVAC, foundations, framing, drywall, hardwood floors, window and doors, trim and moldings, and more.

I started my business as a Handyman and along the way I took on larger projects to include complete renovations of homes. As long as I have been self employed I have kept bees. It was always a hobby until one day I was asked if I knew anyone that could help with a honeybee problem. What I have enjoyed most of all through out my journey is talking to and serving people with the best of my abilities. I took on the project of bee removal myself and using my skills as a craftsman I was able to carefully disassemble and reassemble the home and share smiles in the process. This is why I returned to school to become a Master Beekeeper.

As a Professional Beekeeper and Craftsman I am able to join families in their pursuit to help save the honeybees without damage to their home.  It was a hobby and is my passion, as a Beekeeper, to answer any questions and educate anyone interested about the bees.

It is my goal to make the task of Honey bee nest removal a comfortable and positive experience.

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Currently we call Bridgeport ,NY our home.


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