Honey Bee Removal and Cut-outs

I will remove honey bees from anywhere!

It’s no secret that bees play a vital role in our environment.
Scientists say
that every third mouthful of food on our planet is made thanks to bees that
pollinate our crops around the globe.
Without bees, our food resources would be
severely diminished. ‚Äč
The bees don't have to be killed. We do our best to save
the bees.
We use an array of specialized tools to
collect the bees so they can be transferred safely to a Honey bee apiary.

If you suspect you have Honey Bees Please
Contact me.
Call my cell (315)427-3617
Send a picture if you are unsure

The cost of Honey Bee Hive removal…
Each situation is a little different but what you may want to know is, if bees
are so important; WHY don't I buy your bees?
This guy from Iowa has explains it nicely… Click