Want Bees? Get bees!

There are a number of ways to get bees.
The best way is to buy a Nucleus colony. You can
buy a Nuc from me or others. Be sure to get on the list very early in the
year and if possible, give a down payment to guarantee priority.
Queen Bees are great to set a hive in the right
direction and locally bread queens are selected for winter hardiness and
productivity in our cliamte.

If you are unsure if you can have bees or where to place bee hives I can do
a custom site assessment and apiary planning.
Another way to go if you want a hive and honey from your own yard ask about
Specialized hive management. There are many
options from complete hands off to educatinal direction and mentorship.

You can Purchase hives and gear from me.
Renting a hive lets you get into the beekeeping
hobby without the commitment of having to keep it if it just isn't for you.

I offer many levels of Education from novice to
expert. With several hands on
workshops through out
the year.
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