bad exterminator

When a Honey bee hive is sprayed it kills the bees.
A bad exterminator will kill the bees.
A good exterminator will recommend an extraction and have you call a
professional beekeeper.
When the bees die, the rest of the components of the hive remain. This is the
wax, the honey, pollen, propalis, and other bee products.
If you are lucky you will have another swarm of honey bees move in so they
maintain good house keeping.
When there are no bees to keep house the wax will deteriorate spilling honey
into the wall and leaking through your walls and cealing.
the smell of honey and pollen will draw other pests such as wax moths and worms
and beetles, mice and more.

Watch this video of a dead hive I opened that has been found by some of the
other pests. look at the mold and fungus that has begun to grow.

No one wants this in their house.

Best thing to do…
Call a Beekeeper