Honey Bees

Save The Honey Bee….

Most hives are only known because of the small entrance with bees flying in and out. In reality there may be thousands if not tens of thousands of bees behind that tiny hole.
Huge cavities behind walls and under floors can house hundreds of pounds of
wax and honey.


Spraying may kill the bees but the hive is still there. Without the bees the hive deteriorates causing other pests to find there way to it and a huge mess of honey and mold and unwanted pest invasions.

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what happens to a Honey bee nest when the bees are killed.

The only way to rid your home of the Honey bee is to open the cavity that housed the hive and cut and scrape all of it out. then seal up the area so that is can not be used again.

With a few pictures
emailed or sent via text
I can give you an idea of cost with out visiting.
If you want an exact cost, I can visit the location and provide a written estimate for free with in a limited distance from my home.

Warning: a dead hive is more expensive to deal with.
 Save our Honey Bees