The Basement?

This project was an amazing opportunity and to date the very most expensive. It was very worth every minute I spent at this house and with the wonderful home owners who I now consider friends.

I met the home owner at a hotdog stand out side a home depot.  After a few small jobs the home owner mentioned he wanted to make a small basement apartment. So we took a look and decided to move forward a step at a time.  The small steps became leaps and bounds as materials were chosen and the design laid out.

A simple kitchen island went from boxy and plain to elegant curves. Drywall no longer fit so oak paneling was brought in. Straight lines were not going to fit.  Everything from the framing to the fixtures were selected for not only design but function.

This is not a basement apartment, it is a work art.  I was just the brush the home owner used to paint the picture.

Simply amazing, these pictures do no justice.

Thank you so much J and M.

This first section of pictures is the canvas that I was handed…

This section is the work in process…

This final section of pictures in the finished piece…