Home Inspection

Inspection Services Here you can find a list of inspection services offered with a small description of each.

Service Area a highlighted map of the general area where I will travel to do a home inspection

Standards of Practice for New York State licensed Home Inspectors (PDF opens in new browser window)

Home Inspector Code of Ethics New York State department of labor laws and regulations (opens in a new browser window)

Pricing Points a price sheet that lists the cost of many of the services offered

A copy of the Contract you need to review and sign before the inspection

Home Inspection Media to learn more about home inspections.

For Realtors

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My New York State Home Inspector License #16000062608

According to NY state ethics laws, Section 197-4.7 Conflicts of Interest, as a home inspector I can not provide any of my other services relative to a home when an inspection is to take place on that home.