Fraud Prevention

The most valuable service I offer is this…


There are many people out there getting ripped off by contractors.

This happens because the Home Owner does not either understand the scope of the work or just trust the contractor on reference.

DO NOT let this happen to you.

I can tell you that any contractor is not to be trusted.  Even if they sound like they have knowledge of the job to be done they may not.  I have personally seen multitudes of jobs done that were not done correctly and cost the Home Owner more money and frustration in the future.

I can prevent this.  I can save you time, money, and your own sanity.  Hire me as a consultant on any job, large or small, and you can rest at ease knowing it will be a job well done.

What I offer is a free, over the phone, consultation of the job to be done. If you choose to hire me I will visit the work site before the job starts.  I will look everything over and make sure based on my knowledge and experience that the correct plan is outlined.  Depending on the scope of the job I can come back a number of times during different phases of the project to be sure the work is commencing correctly. A final inspection will be done when the project is completed.

If during any inspection I feel what is being done is incorrect or not to the specifications originally out lined I will stop the work and  notify you the Home Owner.

For large projects I act as an escrow account to prevent the contractor from running away with the money.  This also gives the contractor comfort that they will be paid upon a completed job.

Many contractors are thrilled to have me on board.  A knowledgeable third party that verifies the work is a delight for contractors who know what they are doing and do a job right. On the other hand, if a contractor tells you they do not want a consultant involved then they are sure to cut corners.  They know they do not do a job to the prestigious standards that give the piece of mind you deserve.

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