There is a cost to helping people. Mostly it is time. Time away from the things I could be doing with my own bees. Time away from building in my shop. The greatest hardship is time away from my family.
Money is time. It takes time to make money. Instead of donating my time to help others I could be out making money at a “real job” I don’t want a real job, I enjoy encouraging others through teaching and experience.
I am currently working on getting approval for not-for-profit tax status for the bee school.
Therefore Please help me help others by donating some of your time through money. I have many expenses, the smallest of which is the Zoom subscription which I would like to make bigger to reach more people. Currently I have a limit of 100 people in conference. I would like to make that 1000 people, That is an extra $110 over the $15 a month it is costing me now.
Ultimately I plan to build a Beekeeper training facility (the bee school). This will cost $250,000.00 in today’s money. I would like to include a certified kitchen and other amenities such as sleeping quarters for guests and storage, all for the use of students which could bring the price even higher.
Already it has cost nearly 10 thousand just for design, engineering, and permits and we haven’t even broke ground yet. I now understand why ground breaking ceremonies are had – it takes so much money and effort just reaching that point!

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