(Register Here) 2020 American Honey Queen – honey promotions throughout the United States

Central New York Beekeeper School Bridgeport

Join Mary Reisinger, 2020 American Honey Queen, for an evening presentation on honey promotions throughout the United States. As a national spokesperson for the American Beekeeping Federation, Mary speaks and promotes in venues nationwide, including on virtual platforms. Mary will highlight her unique experiences in 2020 and how the American Honey Queen program is used […]


Oh no, my honey crystallized, it must be ruined!?

Central New York Beekeeper School Bridgeport

What happened to my honey? a common question that is asked again and again by new beekeepers and almost all consumers. We will talk about why it happens, what it means, and what to do about it. You will gain understanding in order to share wisdom with your customers and fell confident in your product. […]

A plan for beekeeping in 2021

Central New York Beekeeper School Bridgeport

Lets talk about planing for the 2021 season of beekeeping. Is this your first year? We will talk about where to start and what will be needed to begin. Are you experienced? what will you do this year that is different from previous years? Who has ideas they want to try in the coming season […]

Varroa and Tropilaelaps are Mites, Oh my!

Central New York Beekeeper School Bridgeport

The Mite is the biggest enemy of the beekeeper today. It is a war that is fought in every hive across the world. As beekeepers we can take part in the battles. In order to help our honey bees we must equip ourselves with the right knowledge. Weather we use miticides or not, I advocate […]

Examining a natural Hive – modifications to a Langstroth

Central New York Beekeeper School Bridgeport

There are many aspects of a hive found in the wild that are missing in a commercially available Langstroth hive. With a little ingenuity and basic wood working skills anyone can incorporate simple elements into a hive that will benefit the colony living within tremendously. Understand a natural hive as examined through the eyes of […]

Comb Honey and Year round Beekeeping in Hawaii

Guest speaker Laryssa Kwoczak will be talking with us about how comb honey is made and the amazing never ending beekeeping in Hawaii. Laryssa worked for commercial apiaries and honey packing facilities on the Big Island of Hawaii before starting her own apiary, Bee Happy. At Bee Happy, she primarily harvests comb honey for chefs […]

Swarm Trapping – Build, bait, place, and transfer.

Learn what makes a good swarm trap. how to size it, how to shape it, what to put inside, where to put the entrance, and much more. We will discuss finding a place to hang the trap for best luck of bees finding the trap. What to bait the trap with. Various other aspects of […]