Eight week Hands in Hives experience

8 Saturdays this spring/summer learning to keep bees. It doesn't matter if you have bees or want bees. This class will be fun and informative. Starting the first Saturday in June and Ending in August. 10am until 12pm. This will be the second year this is offered with a limit of 10 people. It is […]


What is a cut-out? Honey Bee Rescue

Honey bees don't only live in the wood box provided to them by beekeepers. They also live as feral colonies. When we thing bees in the wild it is usually in that old bee tree out in the wild. Many times bees make their home in an inconvenient place for people. A cut out is […]

Bananas and Bees

Anyone who has been stung knows that there is the smell of bananas. The smell can be extremely strong if it is a hot hive or many bees are involved. What happens if we eat a banana and work with our bees? Will they be extra stingy? Today we will see if it is a […]

Not My Beeswax! – What it is? What to do with it?

Central New York Beekeeper School Bridgeport

Wax is one of the byproducts of keeping honey bees. It comes in many forms and can be collected by the beekeeper for reuse. From collecting to final products, we will learn and discus several uses of this natural and amazing product of the hive. The session will start with a presentation, then we will […]

Honey Contest 2021 – Free Nuc!

This years contest will be in the first week of October. Entries due first Monday of the month and Winners announced the Second Monday. This event page will be updated 6 weeks prior to the contest due date. In the mean time start thinking about the honey you will be entering. Check out last years […]